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Welcome to RaiseMoney! We are a revolutionary startup fundraising platform committed to transforming the financial landscape by bridging the gap between innovative founders and forward-thinking investors. Built on the principles of transparency, accessibility, and collaboration, we aim to democratize the fundraising process and catalyze growth in the startup ecosystem.

Divakshu Taneja

A financial professional, with expertise in delivering comprehensive financial assistance and optimizing returns. My role is focused on building and nurturing relationships with investors

Ravinder Kandari

A financial liaison adept at cultivating and maintaining relationships with investors, providing comprehensive financial guidance, and maximizing returns through effective communication and investment opportunities.

Radhika Goyal

Innovative marketer working on developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for the project in order to reach the right audience & achieve the goal of bridging the gap between founders & investors.

Vandana Sachdeva

We promote an inclusive, cross-functional workspace valuing diverse insights & using our team's collective intellect. By partnering with key stakeholders, I ensure our strategies are harmonized & incorporated.
We embrace new ideas and approaches, knowing they are the lifeblood of startups and a necessity for the investors who back them.
We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our operations. We believe in transparency, honesty, and fairness in every interaction.
We are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and enabling investors. Our enthusiasm fuels our commitment to excellence.
The world of startups and investing is constantly evolving. We remain agile, always ready to adapt to the changing needs of our stakeholders.
Founder & Investor

Ruchi Rathor

RaiseMoney is a platform designed for startups to connect with the right investors in one click. We offer a simple and easy user interface to find an investor that’s compatible with your business, pitch them with ready-to-use templates and start building a partnership. Together we can make you more successful!

We'd love to hear from you! Whether you're a founder seeking funding for your dream project or an investor looking to fuel the next big idea.
Swarn Plaza , Swarn Nagari , Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh , India – 201310
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