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With the right support, you can experience the potential of your business and its potential. The entrepreneurs that are supported by Raise Money have the opportunity to gain access to partners and investors who can help them succeed.

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Make the most out of your time and energy by presenting your idea to an active investor community. Get feedback on your pitch, hone in on key aspects of your business, and set yourself up for success. Your idea is worth something so make sure it gets funding to flourish in an encouraging environment.
Raise Money provides the most effective way to raise funds by pairing start-up companies with investors and key advisors. Businesses can receive funding and strategic insight, while investors can be part of exciting early-stage growth companies that are poised for success.



Asked Questions
Startup Fundraising: Acquire Investors: Get in touch with international networks of angel investors and venture capitalists. Advertise, and the Money Will Come: Gain exposure for your startup and complete your fundraising efforts more quickly (Business plan review, Investor connects and Paperwork closure). Deal with Confidentiality: Limit who can see your startup’s profile (Allow and Block access) Promote your startup by entering contests, incubations, and accelerators.
No. Anyone in the business world can use our network to make connections with investors and other businesses. Although many of the startups on the platform are in the technology industry, non-tech startups are welcome to apply for membership and seek investment through the site as well.
Yes, the Platform supports Stealth mode Startups profiles. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our Startup team and they will assist you accordingly.
For startups, there are no eligibility requirements. You can be a Startup in the Ideation, POC/Beta, or Revenue Stage, but we only want serious entrepreneurs to be a part of this network.
Raise Money is a worldwide network that attracts new companies from all over the world. At this time, we have startup companies registered on the platform from a wide variety of countries.

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