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We help you invest in your future. We are a place to find the best opportunities and connect with like-minded people who are on similar entrepreneurial paths, and can assist in navigating the early stages of starting your business.

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Investors will have access to a unique list of companies that are early in their growth stage, with great upside potential. The companies have been curated through a screening process and have been invested in by some of the strongest entrepreneurs around the globe. If an investor has a strategic interest in any industry, there is no better way to be introduced to some of the most promising startups in those industries.






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Investors that are looking to diversify their investment portfolios into early-stage ventures will benefit from our portal.

Simply browse the companies, read their pitch and decide if you wish to invest in their start-up. You will then receive the share certificates of the selected company, which you can trade on any stock exchange you choose.
Investors can also make money by advising founders on how they can improve their pitch making it more appealing to investors. As a result, this brings a network of experienced investors in contact with entrepreneurs who need guidance on how to improve their business plan and presentation.

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Raise Money provides access to carefully selected startups. We make sure that all of the investment opportunities that interest you are presented to you. Get Personalized and Matchmade Deals – Adjust your investment preferences, and we will automatically send startups that are a perfect match for you.
Create your brand by raising your profile and attracting high-quality businesses. Participate in Investments with High-Profile Backers Partner with investors who either share your idea or can contribute relevant experience. Take responsibility for your investment portfolio. Make it easy to track the status of your investments and report on them in one place.
It’s easy for investors to join our group if they visit our website or hear about us from someone else in the investment community (already on the platform). Whatever the case may be, before granting you access to the system, our team will conduct a thorough examination of your credentials.
Investors in India do not need to go through any sort of formal accreditation process. In contrast, prior to accepting any investor into the Platform, Raise Money conducts its own verification of credentials and identity in accordance with SEBI standards for Angel Fund (AIF).

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