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Raise Money, launched in 2022, is an online network that aids entrepreneurs in their early stages in realising their development potential as rapidly as possible. With the help of some of the most strategic investors and successful founders, we help investors invest in start-up firms across a wide range of industries with a high probability of success.
Any concerns or questions about our Servicess can be sent to info@raisemoney.ventures.
That would be wonderful to have! You can send an email to info@raisemoney.ventures with your proposal.
To answer your question, Raise Money does host curated offline pitching events. Featured Organisations also have the opportunity to participate in online pitch sessions, which we host. For this, you can either get in touch with our Startup team or Investor Relations team, or send us an email at info@raisemoney.ventures.

Common Fundraising Queries-

Raise Money is a worldwide network that attracts new companies from all over the world. At this time, we have startup companies registered on the platform from a wide variety of countries.
When valuing a startup, it is common practice to first discuss the matter with the company’s primary investor. For businesses looking to raise capital, Raise Money offers valuation advice based on industry standards and data from successful fundraising ventures. Nonetheless, the entrepreneur and the lead investor will negotiate the final valuation. If a lead investor has not been found, the entrepreneur is free to determine the valuation. If investors desire to negotiate with the entrepreneur directly after joining the round, they can do so at that time.
An individual who is willing to take the initiative and assume the role of leader of an investor syndicate is referred to as a Lead Investor. It is best for the lead investor to have already spent some time working with the startup to have an understanding of the company’s operations and determine how he can best assist the entrepreneur.
Raise Money works with partners who perform financial and legal due diligence on startups on the company’s behalf. In most cases, this takes place at the exact same time as the round is being elevated onto the platform. The process of due diligence could take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to complete.

For Investors-

Raise Money provides access to carefully selected startups. We make sure that all of the investment opportunities that interest you are presented to you. Get Personalized and Matchmade Deals – Adjust your investment preferences, and we will automatically send startups that are a perfect match for you.
Create your brand by raising your profile and attracting high-quality businesses. Participate in Investments with High-Profile Backers Partner with investors who either share your idea or can contribute relevant experience. Take responsibility for your investment portfolio. Make it easy to track the status of your investments and report on them in one place.
It’s easy for investors to join our group if they visit our website or hear about us from someone else in the investment community (already on the platform). Whatever the case may be, before granting you access to the system, our team will conduct a thorough examination of your credentials.
Investors in India do not need to go through any sort of formal accreditation process. In contrast, prior to accepting any investor into the Platform, Raise Money conducts its own verification of credentials and identity in accordance with SEBI standards for Angel Fund (AIF).

For Founders-

Startup Fundraising: Acquire Investors: Get in touch with international networks of angel investors and venture capitalists. Advertise, and the Money Will Come: Gain exposure for your startup and complete your fundraising efforts more quickly (Business plan review, Investor connects and Paperwork closure). Deal with Confidentiality: Limit who can see your startup’s profile (Allow and Block access) Promote your startup by entering contests, incubations, and accelerators.
No. Anyone in the business world can use our network to make connections with investors and other businesses. Although many of the startups on the platform are in the technology industry, non-tech startups are welcome to apply for membership and seek investment through the site as well.
Yes, the Platform supports Stealth mode Startups profiles. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our Startup team and they will assist you accordingly.
For startups, there are no eligibility requirements. You can be a Startup in the Ideation, POC/Beta, or Revenue Stage, but we only want serious entrepreneurs to be a part of this network.

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